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Sunday, May 31, 2009

oops~! forgot to mention~!!!

did i forget to mention that I got my own guitar???!!!! hahahahaha.... yes, indeed~! I have just bought a new guitar for myself.. muahahahahhaa.. *evil laugh* hiahia.. anyway, now i can at least play the guitar at home~! yeehaaaaa... XDXDXDXD so happy~!

i love guitar~! i wish i can pluck though..it is way cool than just strumming.. haha.. oh well, see if there's anyone who can teach me plucking one day..yes. one fine day :D

cheers,~ :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

wht did i do today? :D

well, woke up at 650am. not my choice of course.. i had to.. since i had a meeting at 7am. went to lake garden for fellowship session with my CF members.. it was really rejuvenating since the air was cool and so fresh~! went to the mousedeer park and saw so cute kancils.. hehe.. they have such tiny legs.. n the way it runs around in the cage is so adorable.. :D hiahia.. i had some fun time..we had breakfast and lunch too. oo yea, saw ducks, moose and swan too. i enjoyed the greenery since i haven't been outdoors for a long time.. blame it on CIMP.. again.. ahahhaha... :P

owh yea, you know, if u don't have anything good to say about someone, then, just dont say anything... especially writing about someone without feeling any remorse cos u think they will never read it anyway.. i mean, u know, wht goes around, comes around.. :))

anyway, i played guitar and practised more to improve but of course i still cannot pluck at all.. hahaha.. i think tht is really hard n those who can do it..they're awesome~! :D

hehe.. wokies blog.. im done for today..haha.. :)

owh n i'm missing someone badly.. so sad :'(


Thursday, May 28, 2009

whoA~~~!!!!! CIMP is done~! at last!!! *sigh of relief* =D

hey hey~! haven't update my blog for a quite some time.. oh well, blame it all on CIMP. the craziest course I've ever done! this sem is the worst! saite! honto ni.. =.= so exhausting and tiring. BUT, my friends are awesome. i met so many nice people! yes, i will surely miss all of you^^

hehe.. after the last paper, i.e. calculus, I was snapping away like I have never done before. note: I don't like taking pictures.. this is one of the rare occassion. lol.. i mean, if I don't take pictures, I wouldn't have any memories of my friends and college! right after that, i was jumping and laughing all the way to pyramid! well, not literally.. haha.. i was given a lift by my friend, gosh.. he drove like a hell driver.. hehe.. no offense yea.. but it did scare me.. seriously! i mean, if they can drive, why won't my mom lemme drive on my own??!!! urghhh >(

anyway, reached pyramid, and we headed for pictures, but there was no movie that was of my friend nor my interest.. lol.. i mean, we lined up all the way and when it was our turn, we decided not to purchase any tix.. haha.. since we can watch superbly great and hilarious jap anime at the hostel. instead, we went to the arcade and goodness, perspired a lot! huahua.. :D

then. we went to forever 21 and tried on clothes.. so pretty.. :))

later, we went and have some ice-cream at new zealand natural since they had a promotion: free ice-cream.. haha.. n we bought the large portion at 50% off. it was really yummy, cooling, rejuvenating, and fantabulously delicious~! so satisfying~! and then, we ate korean food!! yayyy..one of my fav.. oh well, i can't help it.. i appreciate food and i enjoy eating.. heheh.. have to get back on my exercise routine..

then, we went back home.. goodness. i was so full, i almost couldn't walk..hahahahha.. :D and then, we continued our anime marathon! peach girl is sooo great! if you are a fan of anime, do watch it.. no regrets.. guaranteed.. heheh..

oh yea, n i played guitar before we started our anime marathon..ahha.. gosh, i never thought that guitar is so enjoyable and interesting.. i mean, previously, i figured and thought guitar was erm, dull of an instrument, which is ---WRONG---!!! hahahah.. it is the bomb.. it's easier than piano yet it sounds great! and very serene and peaceful.. hehe.. yes, i will get my guitar soon.. rela soon. but the cheap one though..lol.. i will be leaving malaysia anyway..so i cannot bring it with me.. sad..

I will be graduating next fri, so i guess i will be going to Sunway College again for the last time-hopefully--cos i'm so sick of the orange themed structures and buildings.. yucks.. owh yes, i will bake some brownies and maybe bring some for my friends.. hehe.. n kek batik too..

Naq, i'm going to miss u.. a lot! haha... cos u r the sweetest person i've ever met and when i'm with u, im more behaved like a girl.haha..

Maka: is that how u spell it? haha.. anyway, will miss yr laugh..it is sso entertaining.. but too bad, u have another sem ahead of ya.. hahaha.. good luck with tht bro..

Noer: my anime partner!hahaah.. i will miss u.. cos u're so cute and clumsy...lol.. n u're really nice..will miss yr mom's indonesian food.. sob..it is really nice and yummy..tummy satusfying always.. hehe

Medi: thanks a lot for teaching me guitar and lending yr guitar to me like all the time!am missing u guys already.. sob.. especially the guitar.. heheh

all my friends: thanks for accepting me for who I am.. will miss all of you... thanks for being my friends peeps.. :D