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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh & greetings to all,

So it's about time that I post on this topic before I procrastinate any further~! Astaghfirulla. I can't believe that due to my hectic schedule lately, I am sort of neglecting my bond with my true love~! Astagfirullahaladzim! ==" Hence, I'm making it a point that I get this done today, by hook or by crook~!! =) Ok, let's jump to it right away before I start babbling on other stuff. Haha. Oh and by the way, please take note that this post is inspired by this writing.

Alright, let ana ask you one question: Have you ever wondered what is it that bridges(connects) one and his happiness? Hah, maybe you haven't and maybe you have, but never probed or delved in it eh? First off, here's another list of questions for you-->

  • Have you ever felt so easy and satisfied when you actually spend your money on others, be it strangers, friends, the poor/unfortunates, family, etc. compared to when spending it on yourself? 
  • Or feel proud when you managed to get your friend a gift? (considering these days, gifts are no longer popular/a trend, which means "WOW" when someone actually brings along something)
  • Or ever felt so engrossed when performing your salahs(prayers), until you're so overwhelmed by His presence to the extend that you can feel Him listening and oh-so-close to you?!!
  • Or ever felt like He is directly talking to you when you read the Holy Al Qur'an, till your heart unconsciously feel that stab of excitement? That something which is truly magical that is beyond explanation by mere words?
  • Or ever cried while you're supplicating/dhikr/performing other forms of ibadah?

Saturday, May 28, 2011



Salam alaik and greetings to all,

I apologise once again for not keeping to my words. =( I've been tight on spare time lately because of an exam that's around the corner. However, I would like to share this comic strip with you guys as it serves as a very good reminder to us Muslims. inshaAllah. and inshaAllah, the next post will address the link between pure sincerity and one's happiness. (please pardon me for the delay ok ~peace~^_^v)

It's numbered so be sure to read according to its sequence. (I read it all over the place, jumping here and there cos I wasn't observant enough to see the existence of the sequence-.-") Anyway, ENJOY and may YOU BENEFIT FROM IT~! INSHA ALLAH~!!

*please click on the image to enlarge. TQ. 

Thanks to a fellow blogger for sharing it as well~! =)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Importance of Love for ALLAH~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah & greetings dear readers,

Thank God for today and may we all be in our highest state of Iman always as well as in good health~!

As promised, this is the sequel to the previous post:

Allah states in the Holy and Glorious Al Qur'an-->

(Al Baqarah, 2:165) - And those who believe are INTENSE IN THEIR LOVE FOR ALLAH.

The sign of complete and perfect Iman (faith) is deep and intense love for Allah SWT. This love remains constant over time, unaffected by the ever-changing conditions of LIFE.

Love may be called love, BUT IT IS NOT LOVE IF IT LACKS INTENSITY,
The ways of love are well established; THERE IS NO ROOM FOR INNOVATION.

LOVE FOR ALLAH SWT changes the bitterness in one's life to pure bliss and sweetness. No depression or anxiety afflicts the one who is attached to his Lord.

Love causes all the bitter to become sweet and silver to turn gold,
Love erases all difficulty; love is the cure for all pain.

So, let's love Him with all our heart, body, mind, & soul. Let's love him with our utmost sincerity. YOSH~! Do put effort in this as we have to show Him that we're worthy of His Love & Guidance as the phrase goes, "Want His Hidayah? Prove your worthiness first~!!" 

The next post will touch on the relationship on how sincerity (i.e. to do things earnestly and genuinely) can lead to one's happiness and the engrossed(khusyuk) feeling be it in solat or in our daily activities. Anyway, I'm looking forward to write that post. =)



p/s: also extracted from Love for Allah book presented to ana by ukhti Dila. <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

The definition of Love~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and greetings to dear readers,

Alhamdulillah(all praise to Allah) for the health He has given unto me and all of you. May we all be in our highest state of Iman at all times.

So, I wanted to write on the importance of Love for Allah but then I realised that I should address the term of definition of Love beforehand so as to make it easier to comprehend what kind of love I am referring to when you read the "Importance of Love for Allah" article, which should be my next post. InshaAllah. Alright, so here goes:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ON CLOUD 9~!! 10!! 11!! HAHA, THANKS ALLAH~! =D



Salam alaik and hi all ~!!

Someone just made my entire week~!! I am so happy that I can't refrain myself from posting this right away. (was actually in the midst of studying). HAHA. GOD is the BEST~!! HE gives you excruciating sorrow that is SO painful beyond words can describe BUT then, when the time He deem is right, He gives you PURE JOY~!! MASHA ALLAH~!! It's so true that the storm has to come before the rainbow appears~!!! SUBHAN ALLAH~ ALLAHU AKHBAR~!! I am beaming with happiness~!! My heart feels so wonderful & my spirit's uplifted~!! ALHAMDULILLAHI LATHEE BINI MATIHI TATIMMUS SAALIHAAT~ (All praise to Allah for with His Will, all good things are perfected~!!)

I feel like I've just been reborn~!! Such rejuvenation striking through my entire self seems to have taken place~! I feel more confident in Him now! And I feel stronger in faith and my believe in Him~!! Alhamdulillah! YES, I FEEL STRONGER & MORE CONFIDENT~! May this feeling never leave my side~! InshaAllah, and inshaAllah with this confidence and faith, I will be able to do something, to accomplish something, soon enough. YUP, soon enough. Cos NOW I see new streaks of HOPE~!! Rabbuna khallik wa rabbuna yusahhil (May Allah bless & make things easier for me) Amin yaRabbilalamin~!! ^_^


WAllahua'lam bis sawab

~Nur Aqlili Liana C~

SubhanAllah walhamdulillah wa la ila ha ilallah WAllahuakbar~!

P/s: thanks to all who prayed for me as well, I really appreciate it so much! this joy is definitely due to your prayers(dua) too=)
May Allah bless all, barakallahufikum~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aku ingin mencintaiMu, ingin mendekatiMu~~


Tuhan betapa aku malu
atas semua yang Kau beri

padahal diriku terlalu sering membuat-MU kecewa
Entah mungkin kerna ku terlena
sementara Engkau beri aku kesempatan
berulang kali agar aku kembali

dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia untuk menghamba pada-MU
betapa tak ada apa-apanya
aku dihadapan-MU

Aku ingin mencintai-MU setulusnya
sebenar-benar aku cinta
dalam doa
dalam ucapan
dalam setiap langkahku
aku ingin mendekati-MU selamanya
sehina apapun diriku
ku berharap untuk bertemu dengan-MU
ya Rabbi~

Lirik lagu "Aku ingin mencintaiMu by eDCoustic"



Projek Kalsom Documentary Pilot (2011)~


Salam alaik and greetings to all,

A senior of mine and a good friend of my sister, Hannah Masturah despite being thousands of miles away from home, is doing a good deed for the nation, by heading the Projek Kalsom 2011 (PILOT) with the support of a great and wonderful team (run by Malaysian students enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland) - the team that provides motivational programme for Form 4 students who have excelled in their studies but come from less fortunate backgrounds. Basically, it's an effort to make a difference in their lives.

So, take this once in a lifetime opportunity to give a lifetime back~! That is if you're going to be around in Malaysia during the summer holidays~ If you don't have anything planned/laid out yet, why not do something noble right? It'll definitely give you great exposures and you'll gain many other benefits such as learning how to be oh-so-ever-grateful with what you are blessed with now, when compared to the less fortunates~!! 

Kupasrahkan semua padaMu & kini kuharapkan cintaMu~


Wahai Pemilik nyawaku
Betapa lemah diriku ini
Berat ujian dariMu
Kupasrahkan semua padaMu

Tuhan.. Baru ku sedar
Indah ni'mat sihat itu
Tak pandai aku bersyukur
Kini kuharapkan cintaMu

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah
Mengalun dzikir di kidung doaku
Sakit yang kurasa biar jadi penawar dosaku
Butir-butir cinta air mataku
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku
Ampuni khilaf dan salahku selama ini
Ya Ilahi....
Muhasabah cintaku...

Tuhan... Kuatkan aku
Lindungiku dari putus asa
Jika ku harus mati
Pertemukan aku denganMu


Friday, May 20, 2011

Dang Gui Ground Chicken Stew~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and greetings to my dear readers,

First off, alhamdulillah for I'm still able to keep up with my blog. Secondly, I wish everyone's in the pink of health and for us Muslims, let us be in our highest state of Iman with constant remembrance of our Creator, Allah SWT.

Alright, so the past few days, I've been keeping myself busy with things to get my mind off some matters that ermm, you know.. So anyway, today, I'm going to show how I made my Dang Gui Ground Chicken Stew~ (Chinese+Baba Nyonya Style~)

*Kindly refer to the bottom of this post for more information on Dang Gui. Thank you.

mushroom (any kind is fine - button, white, shitake, you name it)
dang gui slices (buy the ready sliced ones) - bout 6/7 pieces if you're cooking 500gm chicken
carrots/potatoes (can use either, they're both awesome - but not both please!!)
ground chicken (don't forget halal ones okay)
mixed province herbs(optional)
chicken stock
oil (obviously) (I use olive+canola oil, it's very healthy compared to other oils~)
*click on image to enlarge

1. Cut your onions, mushrooms, potatoes(cube 'em)/carrots(slice lengthwise), and chilli. Leave the tomatoes first(you can cut them while your stew is being cooked on stove)

2. Heat enough oil in your wok and once it's hot(you'll see little bubbles forming within the oil), place all sliced onions and fry them till the aroma surfaces(normally 1-2 minutes), then add in your chillis and fry again this time cook till your onions turn yellowish; 
add Dang Gui(crush them-place dang guis in your palms and move palms as if your washing your hands to break them into smaller bits); 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Get married first, then date all you want~~


First of all, the rest of the post is mostly taken off here. Please take note that they're not my writing~! However, whatever excerpts I paste here are the parts that I very much agree with and also similar to the way I feel/think. And those in parentheses are my annotations. *This is merely just to share an interesting piece of writing with everyone.. Don't take it to heart in whatever that is written.

I understand that you are not ‘crazy’ enough to just jump into a marriage without knowing who your partner really is. So in the end, this "kahwin dulu, baru dating" trend becomes an exclusive thing among people who are active in da'wah and jemaah,(haha, I laughed when I read this but it is pretty true~) while the Muslim masses are walking together holding hands or ‘hanging out’ at malls, etc.


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh and greetings I bid to all,

Thank God for the clear heart and mind that I have now. I guess it's thanks to the 'khusyuk' (engrossed) prayer I performed earlier and to the prayers' by ana's friends of course. Thank you thank you! Alhamdulillahi lathee bini matihi tatimmus salihaat (praise is to Allah Who by His Blessings all good things are perfected).

Ok, we'll continue the last section of our discussion on Istighfar topic (i.e., if there's anyone following. haha). Anyway, antara ketiga2 topik, ana paling suka dan enjoy yang ni. ah, ni'mat~! =)

3. Faedah-faedah Istighfar

Faedah2 istighfar ni banyak sekali. Ana tak senaraikan semua sebab memang impossible to do that. Antara faedah yang ana ingin utarakan ialah:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doa penerang hati~


YaAllah, mengapa tiba2 datang rasa sebegini?
Hatiku berdegup2 dan tidak tenang langsun, malah serabut amat. 
Adakah ana telah bersalah terhadap seseorang insanMu yaAllah? 
Telahkan hamba menyakiti insanMu yang lain tanpa kusedari?
Telahkah hamba mempergunakan insanMu yaAllah?
Jika jawapannya "Ya" buat mana2 soalan yang telah hamba tujukan,

Happy Teacher's Day~!


Salam alaik and greetings to all !

So, in Malaysia, it's Teacher's Day today, a day where all students would wish their teachers:

"Happy Teacher's Day"
 thank you for everything~!
for your sacrifices
for all the knowledge you've channeled unto me
for your precious time, energy, and sweat
for your patience with a student like me~!
for your understanding
for your kindness and sincere care
as if I am your own child~!
helping me to climb higher up the ladder
towards greater achievements
towards striving a brighter future
towards a more meaningful next phase
towards realising the many aspects of life out there~!

Thanks again for everything dear teachers. I will forever be grateful and remember your contributions towards the person I have become today. You are one of those important people in my life that have had some hands in molding me. =)

Terima kasih buat segala-gala jasa kamu Cikgu-cikgu yang amat saya hargai dan sayangi. Moga Cikgu dan keluarga sentiasa di bawah rahmatNya~ Amin yaRabbilalamin~

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

pesanan buat semua: janganlah kita lupa terhadap sesiapa yang telah pernah membantu kita. Ingatilah dan tunjukilah penghargaan kamu terhadap mereka. Moga kita tidak menjadi antara golongan yang "seperti kacang melupakan kulit". astaghfirulla, astaghfirullaaladzim.



Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Salam alaik and greetings to all,

Before anything else, I'm going to remind us all to not forget to always be grateful~! Grateful to God and give thanks to Him in your prayers and as a matter of fact, even outside prayers~! Just be sure to make this a habit of yours, thank Him on a daily basis, and He will remember you too~! Allah's so sweet right? His conditions are simple, it's just that many of us take things for granted. One musn't forget that all ni'mat comes from Him and it belongs to Him~! Ok, dah cukup peringatan buat hari ini. Jom, kita start topik nombor 2~ =D

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh dan salam sejahtera saya ucapkan kepada para pembaca yang mulia lagi dikasihi,

Moga semua dalam keadaan sihat wal afiat dan janganlah lupa untuk sentiasa mengingatiNya.

Hari ini, ana ingin berkongsi sedikit ilmu dengan semua. Beberapa hari yang lalu, ana baru habis baca buku berjudul "Hikmah Terapi Istighfar" dan sepanjang membacanya, ana ada ambil nota-nota untuk dikongsi bersama ikhwah wa akhawat. Tapi, banyak juga yang ingin dibicarakan jadi ana bahagikan kepada 3 post, each post will address its own topic. Basically, it's going to be sort of a "series of learning and exploration with Liana" cos I know majority don't have the time to read long posts, hence the division~! Haha~!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Share a Quote Series~


Ana's current fav phrases~ =)

Oh writer~! An Angel watched over all that you write. Be sure to make your writing meaningful for it will eventually return to you and you'll be questioned about what you wrote~!!
(Ali ibn Abu Talib r.a.)

Of all the follies, the greatest is to love the world~!!
(Ali ibn Abu Talib r.a.)

Seluruh anak Adam pasti akan melakukan kesalahan, & sebaik-baik orang yang berbuat kesalahan adalah mereka yang bertaubat~! 
(Nabi Muhammad(pbuh))


For the love~~!!


Salam alaik and greetings to all~

Watch this video and you're guaranteed to be mesmerized by his love for Islam and his smoothness in delivering his fantastic and wonderfully written poem~!! and his passion, mashaAllah~!! Yes, mashaAllah~!! =)

My favourite parts and alhamdulillah, ana feel this way too:

So I cry my heart out, I let it all go, 'cause after rainfall must come a rainbow,

And trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never even met.

So I can't turn back now. I can't pretend to be ignorant,

And I can't go around acting like she doesn't have me on lock.

So I could still see her beauty even if I was blind.

And I believe everything she says, because she has yet to lie,

And if you could point out a contradiction, I would gladly say goodbye.

But you can't, so I can't get her off my mind.

to live without thinking is to shoot without aiming.

People have a lot of questions about her, and so I don't mind explaining, (this part I can't really do cos there's still so much ana need to learn and explore bout her)

Because she has absolutely nothing to hide.

But what bothers me is when people who don't know her talk bad about her behind back,

Uneducated chit-chat.

But she is perfect, why can't you all just see that?

Why don't you learn about her before you cast your stones?

She's my other half, my sidekick on the side.

Where she is, I am not far behind.

And if she's in danger, then my life too is on the line.

And it's not just a crush anymore. I want to learn everything about her,

I love and respect her like I have been taught to love and respect all women, (hope man applies this~!)

So to you is your love, and to me is my religion.

Kill in her name, but her name comes from peace, (very true indeed~!)

So I stand by her pillars proud, she keeps me grounded.

Reminds me to be humble; through her are all the answers,

A gift from Allah, sent from way up above.

She is Islam,

And I am in love; YES, I am in <3 ~!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manusia, Tahajud, & Subuh~


Sila klik di sini.

Enjoy reading dan sila jangan lupa apply tau~ ! Jangan kita biarkan tahajud menangis lagi. inshaAllah. (juga peringatan buat diri sendiri)


Macam buat drama aje ko ni~!


Salam alaik..

Kita selalu tengok movie dan drama2, and often we find ourselves making comments that sounds pretty much like this: "ah, it only happens in the movies. who are they trying to kid?!" @ "ala, betul ke dalam realiti boleh camtu?" @ "huh, dalam movie je selalu kebetulan" @ "impossible lah akan happen in real life" and etc. But in fact, mmg ada kemungkinan ia boleh terjadi dalam realiti. Dalam apa pun, setiap perkara akan ada probabiliti walau 0.001%. Nothing is impossible by Allah~!! Remember that fact~!! mashaAllah, sangatlah x disangka2. Dahlah ia dilakukan tanpa disedari orang berkenaan~!! haha. mmg mantap lah~ lol~!

So it goes something like this: Bangku ada dua kawan rapat, Meja dan Almari. Satu hari, Bangku jumpa ngan Almari dan mereka berborak, tibe2 Almari tanya Bangku satu soalan tapi Bangku x nak beritahu atau menjawab soalan si Almari itu. Pada masa yang sama, Almari tu sangat rapat ngan Meja dan tinggal serumah juga. Bangku ni pulak, khuatir sangat nnt Almari akan dapat tahu perkara yang ingin disembunyikan oleh Bangku daripada Meja (sbb Meja mmg tahu pasal hal Bangku). Jadi, si Bangku pun sms lah ke Meja, "Salam Meja, please don't tell Almari ..... . Jangan sampai dia tahu ... tau. thanks~! " (yang x diisi tu apa2 jelah korang nak letak.. as long as you get the drift) So anyway, few days later, si Meja minta berjumpa si Bangku sbb ada sedikit perkara yang ingin dibicarakan. While talking, Meja brought up something.

Meja: Bangku, haritu you hantar I mesej kan? 
Bangku: Mesej mana satu? Banyak kot.
Meja: Ala, yang pasal you xnak I bagitau Almari something tu.
Bangku: Oh yang tu. Ah, betul. aku hantar mesej tu. kenapa?
Meja: *Gelak* 
Bangku: Loh, kenapa tergelak cam sewel tetiba?
Meja: Aish Bangku, bukan aku yg sewel. ko ni yg sewel kot.. you x tau ke apa jadi haritu?
Bangku: Hah, apa terjadi? Dia dah tau ke? *muka risau* aduhh..
Meja: xde. camni ah

flashback to that day-->

Almari: Yo Meja, ada dpt mesej dr Bangku?
Meja: Mesej apa?
Almari: "Salam Meja, please don't tell Almari ..... . Jangan sampai dia tahu ...tau. thanks~! "
Meja: Erkk, ada. *tergamam jap*
Almari: *tergelak kecil sambil menggeleng kepala* haha, aku rasa dia tersilap hantar mesej tu kat aku jugak lah.. 
Meja: *Pause* Oh, ye eh? Hehehh.. 

zaaaap~~ back to present-->

Bangku: yaAllah~!! Betul ke apa you cite ni Meja? Astaghfirullah. of all the people, kenapalah aku boleh hantar sekali mesej tu kat dia.. dahlah aku mention nama dia dlm text tu.. mashaAllah. *rasa guilty sekali*
Meja: tu ah you ni lawak lah. mmg x leh blaaa betul~ macam drama aje.. aishhh.. *ketawa besar*

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Biasanya, kalau niat tu tak betul sangat atau x berapa nak baik tu, mmg Tuhan x menggalakkan umatNya melakukan sebegitu. Jadi kat sini, ana rasalah, Tuhan nak tunjuk kat si Bangku tu kot yang buat benda2 x sebrapa baik tu mmg x patut sebenarnya. Ana rasa Tuhan saja biarkan perkara ini terjadi supaya si Bangku takkan ulang benda sama di masa yang akan datang. Tapi I guess this is at the expense of the Almari's feelings lah. I mean, imagine if you are Almari.. Getting such message written by a very close friend lagi tu. Hmm, if I were Almari, ana rasa ana akan kecil hati kot.. dan possibly akan hilang some kepercayaan dalam si Bangku. Huhu..

p/s: asif kalau post ni x brp byk isi yang memanfaatkan pembaca2. Ana cuma nak kongsi sbb ana rasa cerita ni lawak sedikit. Haha. Walaupun ada pihak yang terluka in this scenario. Harap2 si Almari x kecil hati ya. Mesti si Bangku ada sebab yang cukup wajar untuk tidak memberitahumu pasal perkara tersebut. inshaAllah. =)



To Allah we belong and unto Him shall we return~

Bismillah dan assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

Syukur kepada Ilahi ana panjatkan
Buat kesihatan anugerahNya
Baru seketika lalu diriku penuh kesakitan
Kesakitan yang bermacam-macam
Sakit kepala teruk, hati yang amat pilu,
Badan yang terasa menggigil, minda tidak tenang,
Badan yang terasa lemah sekali
Antara yang dideritai ana seketika yang lalu. (tersangatlah overwhelming buat diri ana)
Keseluruhan masa dalam keadaan terseksa itu,
Ana cuma mampu berdzikir dan berdoa kepada cintaku;
yaAllah yaRabbi,
ampunilah segala dosa-dosa, khilaf, dan kesalahan
hambaMu ini,
yang masih lemah, sentiasa alpa sekali leka,
Namun, tatkala hamba leka dan alpa terhadap perintah2Mu
Hamba memohon kepadaMu
Degan hati yang tulus ikhlas (inshaAllah)
Janganlah dibiarkan hamba jauh dariMu yaAllah
Bawakanlah hamba kembali ke jalan yang meredhaiMu yaAllah
Kerna tanpa nur cahaya dan hidayahMu yaAllah
Mana2 hamba juga bisa lalai dan jatuh ke jurang dosa
Hamba memohon dgn tiada penghujungnya yaAllah
Jauhilah hamba dari jurang azabMu yaAllah
Jauhilah hamba ini dari azab api nerakaMu yaAllah.
Hamba pinta belas kasihan dariMu yaAllah,
Petunjuk dan keimanan yang utuh yaAllah,
Walau hamba besar kemungkinan tidak layak
Buat masa ini, namun
Shukran jazilan yaAllah,
Kerna di saat ini,
Tuhanku yang penuh kasih sayang dan belas kasihan
Telahpun menganugerahkan hamba
kesihatan dan perasaan yang biasa semula
Sungguh ana syukur kepada Allah Ta’ala
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.
ALHAMDULILLAHI LATHEE BINI MATIHI TATTIMMUS SALIHAAT (praise is to Allah Who by His blessings all good things are perfected).

(2:156) - "Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say: 'Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return'."

WAllahua'lam bis sawab

~Nur Aqlili Liana C~

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hebat sangatkah Cinta?~


Salam alaik,

hebat sangatkah cinta,
atau cuma hawa nafsu semata,
jika tiada calon, ramai yang bertanya ,
mengapa tidak dicari katanya...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
jika cuma sesama manusia,
apatah lagi berlainan jantina,
hingga agama dibelakanginya...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
jika statusku single, mereka hairan dan bertanya,
sedangkan solat lima waktu tidak diberatnya,
jika ramai tak buat, ia cuma dipandang biasa...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
menghayati rasa yang terkandung di dada,
terlahirnya sajak ,puisi2 cinta,
lautan api sanggup diredahnya...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
hingga semua nak diserahkannya,
katanya memujuk, kononnya aku yang teristimewa,
sedangkan ayat sampah tu dah beribu kali dijaja...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
kononnya di hati tulus setia,
membukti cinta tanpa diduga,
akhirnya tubuh menjadi mangsa...

hebat sangatkan cinta,
" saya suka awak kerana agama"
kalau begitu mengapa mendekati zina,
jika benar agama ukurannya...

hebat sangatkah cinta,
mampu membuat diri tersenyum manja,
khayalnya meneguk madu cinta,
sedangkan yang diteguk racun paling berbisa...

hebat sangat kah cinta,
sehingga mata yang celik dikata buta,
dosa pun dia kata"tak mengapa",
janji kau aku yang punya...

hebat sangatkah cinta ,
jawapannya YA,
JIKA mencari cinta yang Esa & hakiki,
bahagianya kekal untuk selamanya...InshaAllah~

*Sekiranya kita cinta pada manusia
Tidak semestinya manusia cinta pada kita
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta pada Allah
Nescaya cinta Allah tiada akhirnya.

Sekiranya kita cinta pada manusia
Kita akan cemburu kepada orang yang menyintai mereka yang kita cintai (this is indeed very true)
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta pada Allah
Kita akan turut menyintai mereka yang melabuhkan cintanya kepada Allah juga (I second that)
SubhanAllah...betapa hebatnya cinta Pencipta kita...

P/s: no personal connection or meaning to ana. just sharing with others merely as reminders to those who are drowned in these situations or about to fall into it~