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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh & greetings to all,

So it's about time that I post on this topic before I procrastinate any further~! Astaghfirulla. I can't believe that due to my hectic schedule lately, I am sort of neglecting my bond with my true love~! Astagfirullahaladzim! ==" Hence, I'm making it a point that I get this done today, by hook or by crook~!! =) Ok, let's jump to it right away before I start babbling on other stuff. Haha. Oh and by the way, please take note that this post is inspired by this writing.

Alright, let ana ask you one question: Have you ever wondered what is it that bridges(connects) one and his happiness? Hah, maybe you haven't and maybe you have, but never probed or delved in it eh? First off, here's another list of questions for you-->

  • Have you ever felt so easy and satisfied when you actually spend your money on others, be it strangers, friends, the poor/unfortunates, family, etc. compared to when spending it on yourself? 
  • Or feel proud when you managed to get your friend a gift? (considering these days, gifts are no longer popular/a trend, which means "WOW" when someone actually brings along something)
  • Or ever felt so engrossed when performing your salahs(prayers), until you're so overwhelmed by His presence to the extend that you can feel Him listening and oh-so-close to you?!!
  • Or ever felt like He is directly talking to you when you read the Holy Al Qur'an, till your heart unconsciously feel that stab of excitement? That something which is truly magical that is beyond explanation by mere words?
  • Or ever cried while you're supplicating/dhikr/performing other forms of ibadah?

Have you ever felt any of those emotions, passions, or effects before? Even if it's a twinge, if the answer is yes, then please give yourself a pat on the back and mabruk(congratulations!)~~ Oh and btw, the "thing" that bridges one to his happiness => PURE SINCERITY !

So, why am I making such a mountain out of a molehill? Well, those ain't no molehill actually. It's actually quite a feat indeed. Anyway, the fact that you felt those only proves that there exists pure sincerity within yourself~! You might not realise it but it's there, deep inside you! Trust me, not everyone feels those pang of happiness/satisfaction/heartfelt emotions. It's also a gift from Allah SWT i.e. the ability to experience all this. Thus, you got to appreciate it and not only that, you should nurture and improve on being more and more genuine, intensify that echt and honesty~! And all this earnest sincerity is to be put unto Him, your Beloved Lord, because only then, will THAT ULTIMATE KHUSYUK(heartfelt/engrossed) surge and engulf one's self~! Ahh, I can feel the love, superlative joy, and pure bliss~ This is why I love Islam - it's so beautiful, peaceful, and true to its core~! (Ah, betapa indah Islam di mata dan hatiku.. dan mmg logika skali ana jatuh cinta terhadap agama ini. Alangkah indahnya jikalau orang2 tersayang di sekelilingku juga dapat merasakan apa yg kurasai? Namun ia nya bukan pilihan ana. I guess in the end, "Hidayah is not mine to give." quoting -A.M.-)

However, if you still haven't achieved khusyuk in your salahs at the moment, despair not my fellow ikhwah wa akhawat(brothers & sisters). It's never too late to return to Him, to seek Him, and to make continuous dua to Him. Etch this in mind, He will remember those who remember Him. Plus, another wonderful thing about Allah SWT is that He never sulks like us humans. He is ever-receiving with open arms, any of His slaves who turns to Him, who returns to the path that He Wills for us~!! Sweet sangat kan Allah kita? ^_^

And once you've grasped that khusyuk, you will not regret nor look back at all~! It will be such an intense (in a great , positive manner) stir of emotions that you will shed a tear for it's too much of a joy for you to digest~! mmg benar bahawa kekhusyukan itu akan datang tanpa disedari dan mmg benar juga bahawa perasaan yang kita alami waktu khusyuk itu merupakan sesuatu yang tidak bisa diterangkan kepada yang lain. Jadi, kalau ada di antara golongan yang hendak merasai "keajaiban"/rasa sebegitu, maka hanya diri sendiri shj yang boleh membantu, iaitu dengan menanamkan dan menaburi baja2 keikhlasan di dalam diri. TETAPI kan, ana nak bagitau something, kalau dah jadi habit, kita tak akan perasan yang kita ada keikhlasan dlm diri(as in kita x perlu macam plan untuk set kan hati kita ikhlas) dan kita hanya akan sedar bhw keikhlasan itu ternyata wujud di dalam sanubari setelah kita menggapai tahap khusyuk itu. SubhanAllah~!

"True happiness comes when your heart is in absolute pure sincerity ONLY TO ALLAH SWT, The Lord of the Worlds." -Anon-

Oh and another tip, salah satu cara yang paling mudah untuk kita kecapi kekhusyukan ialah dengan mengalirkan air mata (which will come automatically once it has become a habit). Mungkin pada stage awal/usaha permulaan, kamu boleh buat2 menangis ketika salah(prayer) atau ketika berdhikr selepas selesai salah; dan lama-kelamaan, inshaAllah, akan dtg rasa khusyuk itu kerana Allah Maha Mengetahui keikhlasan hamba2Nya yang ingin/sedang berusaha mendekatkan diri kepadaNya. Jadi, praktikkanlah untuk benar2 meminta dan SERAHKANLAH SEGALA KEBERGANTUNGAN DIRIMU KPD ALLAH SWT, nescaya khusyuk itu akan melandai seluruh dirimu~~

"Alirkanlah mata ketika dalam solat, doa, baca quran. inshaAllah, makin lama, makin dekat hati kita dengan Rabbi kita" quoting -A.A-

"Pastinya syurga adalah destinasi yang kita sangat dahagakan. Oleh yang demikian, dahagakanlah diri dengan sentiasa ikhlaskan diri." quoting -A.A-

(23:1-2) - "The Believers must(eventually) win through, Those who humble themselves in their prayers."

(Surah Al-Mu'minun, 23:1-2) - "Sesungguhnya berjayalah orang-orang yang beriman, Iaitu mereka yang khusyuk dalam sembahyangnya."

And bear in mind, sincerity doesn't only link joy in salahs but also to whatever that you do in your daily lives. Make it a habit to do every deed earnestly and genuinely okay? Don't think about what's in it for you and stop being calculative! One day, you might be the one in need. How would you feel then when ppl are being reluctant to reach out and lend you a hand? Sad and uncomfortable right?~ Hah, tau pulak nak sedih time tu.. hoho. (ok, jk..)

Anyway, thanks a lot for your time reading this tad bit long of a post but I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did in writing them~!! InshaAllah, may this piece benefit you and me.

May Allah continue to shower all with His continuous Blessings & Guidance~! Amin yaRabbal al amin~~

Stay healthy and strong in Eman(Faith)~!

WAllahua'lam bis sawab.


p/s: please excuse ana's grammar or spelling mistakes. No time to go through the whole thing again. 


aeshcame said...

Salam dear,
this is a really wonderful & an eye opener, do we really feel any of that stuff? tepuk dada tnye sendiri~
This is really a useful reminder, sometimes we get ourselves way too busy with dunia, we tend to oversee and neglect our priorities towards Allah SWT, I'm included.. huu~ remorseful jgk tp what's passed is passed, moga2 in the future x buat lg..insyaAllah~~
BTW, we always hope for the best for ourselves and our love ones, and yup nk preach org is not easy, kdg2 the ones near to us are harder that org2 jauh, but we can always pray to Allah for Him to limpahkah hidayah kpd mrk..InsyaAllah~


uhooi said...
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Liana said...

salam ukhti aeshcame,

tp betul.. the first thing that changed ana's life is because because of reading the AQ (seriously, it was like I could hear Him speaking to me directly! mashaAllah. time tu takut sgt kot. ever since then, I decided to explore and learn about the religion, and alhamdulillah, now I am a PROUD MUSLIM ! =)

Salam sayang.. ^^

p/s: thanks for reading although the post is a bit long. =="