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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamu' alaykum warahmatullah wa barakatuh & greetings to all,

Ana hope that everyone's in their highest state of Iman and in the pink of health.

Shame covers a broad range of definitions. This post refers to the act against the accepted system of values/morality of a society, and in this case, I'm talking about the Muslim community. Shame does not involve only the act but it can also include the discovery by other people that the act has been done and committed.

"He who has done a shameful deed must conceal it, for revealing one's disgrace is to commit another disgrace!"

Please take note that the rest is highly inspired by Nouman Ali Khan.

The more you watch shamelessness, the more "animal" you become. The manifestation of that is, if you have no problem looking at something, staring at someone, where you're not looking at them as a decent human being but you're looking at them as an animal, as a piece of flesh, that's all you're looking at; that means you have no respect for your own mother, your own sister, your own daughter, your own wife: generally the women. You wouldn't want somebody to stare at the women of your family, but who you're staring at is also someone's mother, daughter, wife, sister,etc. So, WATCH IT~! Even if they don't have respect for themselves; the non-muslim women sometimes don't have respect for themselves, so they dress in inappropriate clothings, and even some Muslims dress inappropriately for that matter of fact in this modern day. BUT YOU have respect for yourself and the women of your family and hence do lower your gaze for that reason. Take this scene: It's really disgusting when the entire family sits together and they're watching a movie and suddenly shamelessness comes out and the mother and the daughter, husband and the son, brother, sister, everybody sitting together and just watching, mumbles "aw it's just one bed scene, it's okay." That is utterly disgusting and disturbing, it's not the behaviour of a Muslim family.WE SHOULD be disturbed by shamelessness, we should stand against it. IT IS one of the GREAT TROUBLES of this society. There are a lot of great troubles about our society but this is one of the thing that is destroying our youth i.e. over-exposure to shamelessness. It destroys one's character. In addition, nobody's supposed to look at a woman except her husband. Nobody's supposed to enjoy her beauty except her husband. You wouldn't want hundreds of men looking at her and saying, "ah, she's cute.. or masyaAllah, you have a very beautiful wife.." and if you were to hear any of these, you should actually feel disturbed by that. We're also supposed to feel as disturbed when we're looking at non-mahrams, we're supposed to have that sense of shame. I don't know where it has gone to, on some vacation nowadays. For a lot of Muslims, they're on vacation. Come on, REVIVE THE SENSE OF SHAME~! It is very important as without it, it may destroy your family life, it will be difficult for you to have a healthy marriage, you will certainly not raise good children, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SENSE OF SHAME~! You have to regain your sense of shame. The kind of filth that is on television, the kinds of things you're watching. Get over yourself and get over yourself with the obsession of entertaining yourself. You're a free person, THERE IS LIFE OTHER THAN TELEVISION, OTHER THAN MOVIES, OTHER THAN WHATEVER.COM, and whatever else. There's still a life outside~!! There's still oxygen outside to breathe, you'll survive, trust me~! You'll still be alive even if you abandon these things. In fact, you'll be much happier too. Okay, the thing is, I'm always telling you what not to do. So, then, what's there to do? Well, find time for sport and some healthy activities to get yourself involved in. I'm not saying you have to find religious activities and that sorts, I don't expect that from you but what I expect from you is to find activities that don't make you a worse human being. You understand what I'm saying right? At least, please do no harm. 

The elders shouldn't expect them youth to have the highest caliber of behaviour since you didn't raise them like that, so how can you expect that from them. It's unfair as well. You put them in public school, they didn't apply themselves. You exposed them to 8 hours of shamelessness everyday (assuming this is in a non-Muslim country), and then you expect your children to behave like angels? *shakes head* I'd say that that'd be asking for too much and is a ridiculous and an obvious unfair expectation~

So, my ikhwahs and akhawats, let's not put this "regaining of sense of shame" on hold anymore. We've reached an age where we shouldn't let ourselves continue being drowned in the obsession of the worldly entertainment and pleasures. We're not little kids anymore. We're going into adulthood and we have to start learning to grow up and carry out our responsibilities. It's really fine to do it slowly or little by little, but the quintessential thing is for us to start this self-evolution process~ YOU have to take charge of your future and well being-ness. YOU need to take the initiative for YOUR OWN GOOD~!! 

May Allah watch over us and shower us with His continuous blessings as well as give us the strength and spirit to take THE STEP towards HIM~!! Ameen.

WAllahua'lam bis sawab~

Nur Aqlili Liana C

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