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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Valentine's Day is coming. SO WHAT???


Assalamualaikum wbt and greetings to all,

Okay, I know this issue is discussed on almost all blogs especially those blogs which are Islamic-based. But yeah, this is why I won't be writing a long one on this matter. Just for the sake of reminding the readers who come across my blog.

So, Valentine's day aka V-day, love day, etc. is around the corner. So what about it? What's the big mountain that everyone (or should I say majority of the world community) is making out of this molehill? It's even more saddening if there are Muslims in this group of people. It's not that I am against Valentine's Day but I'm sure you all are very well aware of the history of Valentine's, how its name came about and where it came from, established by whom and which religion. Alright, for some people who might not have any idea, here's a snippet of what you need to know:

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affectionbetween intimate companions. The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD.

Source: Wikipedia (haha.. the most common one)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say today is that Valentine's day is not all that you think of it. Yes, it's known as a day where you express your love to your loved ones, showering your partners i.e. gf bf with gifts and chocs, and whatsoever.. Honestly, I actually don't really care if you celebrate Valentine's. I mean, I did celebrate it before too (well, I didn't know about this then) but I did it with moderation. It's not like it means the world, like getting stressed over what to get for him/her. I mean, come on, you don't need V-Day to show your love to him/her, or to show you care for the significant other. You can love one another everyday! You can present him/her with flowers/chocs/gifts whenever. In fact, you should definitely do this occasionally! Keep the love and ignite it on a regular basis, with Allah in mind of course. Remember, everything you do is for Him and because of Him. *smile widely* =] You want to keep the love between you and your significant other because of Him. Well, you might be wondering how is this act "because of Him OR for Him". Well, you see, if you're married and have a household (a family), of course you wish to uphold and keep on with your marriage right? To make it last for eternity till the end of your lives. I mean, habitually, this is what people would do. *Laughs* but yeah, the point here is, maintaining and keeping your marriage in good and stable state is in line with Islam's teachings. And of course Islam's teachings come from Him. Hence, you're doing something in His favour! Voila. That's a good deed eh! ;) and besides doing a good deed, you get rewarded (pahala) for your effort that you put into your marriage. See, marriage isn't just something that you jump into. With marriage comes great responsibilities & roles! Don't get blinded by "love" and get married just because you think it's true love. Let me tell you, there are 3 types of fate -- "people you are meant to be with" (jodoh)-->

Jodoh from Syaitan - basically love on lust

Jodoh from Jin (sorry, I dunno how this should be spelled) - love on magic (bomoh) like making someone to fall in love with you

Jodoh from Allah - a love that insyaAllah leads you to love of heaven's level (syurga cinta). The ULTIMATE!!

What we want is without a doubt to get married to jodoh from Him. This is because, marriages based on love for Him, meaning you loving that someone because of Allah (because it helps you to get closer to Him) are the ones that most of the time lasts for long without having to go into the phase of broken marriages or getting divorced. Being in this kind of marriage also helps you to perform one of your main duties as a servant of God (many bloggers post on this topic so I am assuming you know what those duties are referring to). Thus, if you meet the one arranged for you by Him, then by all means, please get married and continue your duties (duties that you have if you're married) towards Him. Aim for Jennah (Heaven/Paradise). And that's our goal as Muslims: To be accepted into Jennah.

Anyway, I think I've let my train of thoughts run too far and ended up writing a pretty long post instead of a short one as I have previously planned. But thanks a lot to those who actually read the whole post. I really appreciate it. Really do ^_^. Barakallahufikum.

So, just one last sentence. Valentine's day isn't healthy/encouraged for the Muslims to celebrate because as time has progressed, the view on Valentine's has changed from its original concept; many Muslim couples actually commit zina on this day - in view of proving your love for the significant other, blinded by love till commiting zina seems to be halal in their perspectives (kononnya untuk buktikan kasih sayang untuk gf/bf nya, dan kerana "cinta atas dasar nafsu" itu, perkara2 maksiat ini seolah2 halal di mata mereka. nauzubillah..astaghfirullahaladzim..selamatkanlah hamba2Mu yaAllah!!)


Good night world and God.


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