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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ramadhan Month is Approaching ~!

Firstly, Assalamualaikum w.b.t. to everyone~

Ana hope that everyone has been in the pink of health and always in their strongest state of Iman. Alhamdulillah, ana bikhair. All thanks to Allah =)

Secondly, asif jiddan for such a long silence and no word nor news from ana on this blog. Unfortunately, ana is back home and thus, it is very difficult for ana to even open this website leading to the "no update on this blog".

However, right now, everyone is out working and schooling and since the month of Ramadhan is approaching, I could not resist opening my blog to share my excitement with fellow akhwat2 and ikhwah2. Ana is so happy and cannot wait ! =) Aren't you all elated that puasa (fasting) month is coming? Cos this means that Raya is closing in as well~! Howdy.. ain't that a pleasant event? =D Fortunately, ana will be back in university by that time so that ana will be able to celebrate with the other brothers and sisters over there. Yayy ! ^_^ **feeling glad and grateful**

In the meantime, let's all continue to live in His Light and live the right way as best as we can. Also, if there's anything that you face in life, be it pleasant/sorrowful, let's always turn to Him and share with Allah as He is the Almighty that you can count and rely on. =)

Moga kita semua sentiasa thabat di jalan Allah. Amin.

Maas salama wa ilal liqa'.



atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

sooo glad to see this blog again!havent heard any new from u for so long. i still feel guilty fr the trouble i caused you months back.
how r u liana?hows ur summer?
hope everything is fine.

ramadhan mubarak! :) when are u going back?

Liana said...

salam ukhti atiqah.
alhamdulillah, ana bikhair wa enti?
ma fi musykilah. bukan enti sengaja^_^
summer is fine and hectic.how is enti's summer?back at home? =)

ana will be back the last week of august iA.

Panggil aku 'Qis' said...

assalamualaikum my dear sis,
alhamdulillah...ini Ramadhan pertama kamu kn wahai saudaraku... semoga dugaan bpuasa menyuntik kebahagiaan sbg hamba-Nya..fasting is fun!terawih is awesome! raya is the ganjaran! ^_^
i miss those time we were together...even sekejap saja kenal but tinggalkan kesan mendalam dlm hidup kita.n im glad 2 hav such a wonderful sister like u ^_^

farah_hanani said...

salam dear,

i dah risau2 dah you takde update
you balik sini, sister sabriyya tunggu dah siap2.


tak sabar nak sambut Eid dgn orang baru hehe.

Liana said...

kak qis: wahasytuni jiddan!!!! i didnt get to terawih at all. =( i wish i could though. **cry** betul2.. i miss the times we had together! But I'll always remember u especially cos I use your sejadah everyday!!! =D

farahhhhhh: I miss u too lah honey. x update sbb x senang.. hehe. i wish I could be more consistent with blog writing. aduh. susah jugak dgn kerja2 yg bertimbun2 nih. huhu.