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Monday, June 20, 2011

1. PART 2/2: Justice Vs. Excellence~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Salam alaik & Greetings,

Hope everyone's doing great and if not, just try to look on the bright side aight. You can always come up with something positive about anything in the world. Anyway, here's the cont. to the previous post~

  • We all have dreams & aspirations. "I want to bring about change," is something that has definitely crossed every person's mind BUT everyone tends to get set in due to complacency in life! What we should be doing is NURTURE & DEVELOP ourselves in terms of character, attitude, mind maturity, and life views~! Allah has given us many talents and we are responsible to find ways to use them to our advantage and make the best out of it à NOW THAT'S EXCELLENCE~!! And in achieving that level of excellence, we have to find the area that Allah has created for us where we can excel in! THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT, TO LIVE YOUR PERSONAL LEGEND! We all need to be aware of our personal calling and what is a personal calling? It's God's blessing. It is the path that God chose for you here on Earth. Whenever we do something that fills our heart with enthusiasm, we then know that we are following our legend (excerpt from "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho) However, this is where the problem lies: We don't all have the courage to confront our dreams and hence we fail in transitioning from being average to becoming an outstanding individual~! If you do not work to have progress in your life, day in day out, just like that, everyday pass you by, then it merely shows that YOU'RE NOT ALIVE~
  • Allah has given us the power & ability to make change and to NEVER SETTLE FOR AVERAGE. A Muslim cannot & should not live without having great ambitions. That's not the life for great people and it is also not the original life that Allah wants for you!
"Excellence is a habit, not an act. It takes practice and perseverance."
  • Islam has several levels - 1) the basic level of believe with basic actions, 2) the level of higher Eman (what's in the heart is only part of Eman)
    # and FYI, those at level 1) are actually at a lower level than that of bottomline. The reason is because people naturally possess weaknesses.
    # This is why we have to constantly aim to grasp higher i.e. level 2) so that even after our weaknesses, we would only hit the bottomline and never fall below it. It's something like we always have to have a safety region, if you get what I mean~~
  • What does excellence mean in Islam? We need to assist and facilitate others to improve and bring about positive and good changes NOT deprive humanity of advancement towards a better life.
  • We are governed by patterns that originate from our believe. (Al-Muhsin), the one who reaches excellence in all sense, aspects, and directions! Allah loves the ones who are after PERFECTION! We must etch in mind that the real taste of life is up there! and NOT at bottom!
    The BIGGEST mistake we make is that we always talk about bottomline when explaining or thinking about Islam. When you talk about it, your focus on Islam is the punishments fraction. We only show one small part of Islam. dush2. *shakes head*
  • once the Al-Muhsins realise that Allah loves these type of people, they go towards it and work towards becoming "those kind" without questioning, they just did it. The Al-Muhsins portrays excellence~
Remember ikhwah wa akhwat, never settle for anything less than the best. We can all reach the level of excellence, you just got to go on YOUR SEARCH in finding the area that you can excel in. THIS IS THE LIFE THAT WE WANT TO LEAD~!

à Good things might come to those who wait BUT only what's left and not wanted by the high excellence~!

In order to make the transition i.e. in order to reach *Ehsan (if you are unfamiliar with this term, please refer to the brief term description at the end of this post. Shukran/TQ.), we need courage and put aside your fears, ppl are afraid of rejection BUT you have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to climb that ladder i.e. going from average à good à great à excellence!

Questions to ask yourself and please do set aside some time to ponder on it: What are my best choices in life by far? How can I make my life better? What is my personal legend?!

# the more outstanding you are, the more outstanding is your reward by Allah SWT, and it is all your decision - YOU MAKE THE CHOICE~!

Therefore, let's always AIM FOR EXCELLENCE in life~~

* Ehsan is one step ahead of Adl (Justice) when someone is prepared not only to give other's rights
but he is also prepared to sacrifice his own rights to make others happy.
In Islam, "Ehsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection, or excellence, in worship"

"Fast track to great success is by being a "real" Muslim."


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Awang Afif said...

good job...
like it so much.
"Excellence is a habit, not an act. It takes practice and perseverance."
like dis quotes. i would like to find how i can be an xcellent person.maybe i've dat habit...hhehe
Be xcellent, hence we can be a real good muslims.
"Great responsible come from great power"*(spiderman)...hehe

wassalam bittaufiq wannajah