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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2. PART 1/2: Call on Me

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu' alaykum and greetings I bid to all,

Today, I'll address the 2nd topic (which corresponds to Session #6 in the Conference) entitled "Call On Me".
*Btw, the "no-update" is due to some circumstances I'm under atm. My apologies.

Please note that my writings are based on my note-taking coupled with my annotations. Thank you.

Speaker 1: Shaykh Tahir Anwar

  • There's a hadith by the Prophet (pbuh) that says that DU'A IS ESSENCE OF ALL WORSHIPS. Call upon your Lord in a state where you are humble. While you're talking to Allah, that is the time He loves you most. 
  • Allah WILL ALWAYS listen to you as long as you turn and seek Him.
    Bila berharap, carilah Allah
    Bila kesusahan, mintalah padaNya
    Bila kesedihan, adulah kepadaNya
    Bila gembira, kongsilah dan berterima kasihlah kepada Allah SWT
    Barulah Allah akan sentiasa bersama kita~! -part credits to Merah-
  • We need to be conscious! (Shaykh Hamza Yusuf addressed this in the video I posted in the post before this) ALWAYS! Don't be unaware or be in a heedlessness state. SEEK ALLAH'S BLESSINGS~! Make du'a to Allah so things are made easy for you. Make 'em du'a when you leave home, travel (btw, musafirs should pray more as I heard that you get more erm.. ajr/pahala is it? Oops hehe, I forgot what the extras are exactly.. but just pray a lot if you're a traveler ok? No harm doing it =D), etc. Basically, practise performing supplications. =) 
  • As we make du'a, also don't forget to make du'a for people around you, make du'a for goodness. Try not to just make du'a for yourself only all the time. It's kinda selfish no? Others want and need your du'as too^^
  • Do you know that today we are blessed and fine because there is someone out there who makes du'a for us? WE HAVE TO BE CONSCIOUS of that; that there are people praying for us, hence we should also make prayer for others. PARENTS' PRAYERS especially, are ALWAYS accepted. WE FAIL TO REALISE that it is not "I", it is the du'a of the people around us! Make du'a for everyone: for someone who has done us something good, who did us favours, who are always so kind and thoughtful, willing to share knowledge with you and YES, even for those who has wrong against you~! Make du'a for them, for Allah to guide them to entail a new, improved journey/path. Du'a for your country! WE NEED TO REALISE THE CONSCIOUSNESS IN "MAKING DU'A FOR PPL AROUND(NOT LITERALLY) YOU"~!!
  • Do you also know that we can start making du'a for our children, even if they're not born into this dunya yet. You don't actually have to wait till they are around for you to make du'a for them. You can gradually & continually du'a for your child so as to how you wish them to be and not to be, etc.
  • REMEMBER TO THANK ALLAH. Giving thanks to Him is a must for me, everyday! How do I ensure so as to not forget thanking Him? Well, simple as ABC, I just include "this" in my solats and since solats are compulsory everyday, putting "this" into your prayers will ensure your gratefulness to Him EVERY SINGLE DAY! MashaAllah, He will be pleased with you! =)
  • DO NOT be discouraged if your prayers do not get answered once in a while. Whoever said that life's gonna be a smooth sail huh? =p And you know, sometimes, your prayers don't get answered at that time, maybe the reward will come later or in another form that you don't expect and yada yada.. Just trust & have faith in Him. After all, He Knows what's best for us!
  • Another point I'd like to highlight that is mentioned by the Shaykh is that Du'as don't need to be made in any certain language. Just talk to Him. Du'a for Him to give you the ability to trust & understand His reason for placing you here on Earth, know your purpose of life, protect your Iman and etc. 
Okay, this is the end for this speaker. I have prepared the notes on Speaker 2 as well but my fingers are stinging quite a bit due to playing some music earlier. Shikes~ Anyway, I will continue in the next post aight~ inshaAllah.


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