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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Am I having a misleading thinking? (am I sesat?)


Assalamualaikum to all,

As everyone is aware of the tragedies that befall Japan now; something struck me suddenly! I was thinking about who's worst off --- the survivors or the dead? If you were to ask me to choose, I'd be able to answer very easily: I'd definitely, without a doubt, choose to be amongst the dead. Well, this is because, the dead only suffers at that "spur of the moment" or in other words, just for a short time. As for the survivors, they have to go through SO SO SO MUCH MORE TO THE STAGE THAT IT IS OVERWHELMINGLY SCARY & UNFATHOMABLE~!! These survivors lose their family members, friends, houses, and basically everything~!! And now with the nuclear plant damage with the leakage and all, they are all exposed to the radiation that will highly cause cancer to so many victims! Not just cancer, there are so many other negative side effects when one is exposed to the radiation.

However, if I think about this from the perspective of Islam, it seems like I shouldn't choose to be amongst the dead but to be one of the survivors as all this crazy pain that I mentioned earlier would be the tests by Him~! and that I didn't actually lose everything because I always still have Him and my faith. Hmmm...

Also, I just want to know, is it wrong to want to die and leave the world? Is it wrong to have these sort of thoughts? Hmm..



p/s: please excuse me if this post seems to be more of a babble-like scribbling than a post.


atiqahmki said...

assalamu'alaikum ukhti :)
dulu prophet's companions pun semua tak sabar nak mati, nak syahid, utk jumpa kekasih, Allah. so it is not wrong to wish for death! :)

tapi, niat tu, maybe u want to look deeper. contohnya earthquake tu, the dead might get away from the tragedies that the survivors have to fo thru. but the survivors get the opportunity to gain more reward for patiently going thru more tests?

i dont even know if what im saying makes any sense to you. may Allah help make it clear, inshaAllah. uhibbuki fillah, ukhti! :)

Liana said...

Waalaikumusalam ukhti,
Shukran menjawab soalan ana =)

Faham sgt explanation ukhti. Btw, syahid tu apa?

another note to add, mmg benar sungguh kata2 ukhti yg the survivors dpt peluang utk meraih rewards n pahala i.e. kalau mereka kuat iman utk mengharungi these tests. However, ada possibility utk some ppl to stray from their faith in Him. In this case, it'll be more unfortunate n sad for them. =[ Moga Allah sentiasa be with them, show them hidayah n don't abandon them.

afwan kalau ukhti rs liana cam merepek.

Ahabbakal lathee ahbabtanee lahuu (may He whose sake u love me loves you.) this is in reply to yr uhibbuki fillah.