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Sunday, July 5, 2009

YTN Reorientation~!!

awesome~ness!! that's the word for it~! Well, in the previous post, I wrote, "i hope i'll enjoy this camp." And true enough, I did enjoy the camp. almost every bit of it; especially at El-Azzhar Camp in Morib, Klang~! I loved the outdoors except the childish games; but I did enjoy the water activities. hehe XD

Let's see, another thing I enjoyed about this camp was the people I met. I definitely made new friends; and a few very good ones too - in such a short period of time~! ;) For this, I am on cloud nine! I am also very grateful to be given the opportunity to meet such nice beings. God bless them.

Not only that, I had new experiences as well such as listening to tazkirah - it's quite cool. lol. It was held in the surau and at least by attending it, I was not left to be alone: as it would surely be boring to be on your own. hehe. So, I followed my senior for almost every tazkirah session. haha :D

The beautiful souls I met -->

Kak Naili : Beautiful, both at heart and looks :D very nice and cute personality, patient, helpful, sharing and caring. A person who really practise what she preaches. one of the very good muslim girls, which are hard to find these days ;P she has taught me so much and has given me such a beautiful and sacred gift. I will treasure it and use it well. kak naili's such a witty person too. she's like a little girl though she's married.hehe..Overall, she's an A++ in my list. important person whom I hope to establish a lasting friendship with.

Hanim Hashim: called anem. a very petite person. nice, simple, helpful, sharing and caring, informative as well as down-to-earth. she's very supportive and she's been a very good roomie for the whole week I was with her. she's always there for you. definitely another A++ person in my life. I wish to have a friendship with her that would last a lifetime. Can't wait to see her in McGill and we are planning to go to UK together to visit kak naili. owh yes, jundi wants to tag along too. hehe.

Syakirin: he's known as syak, the Genius. when asked, "who do you think are 1st class potentials here?" and I would hear his name after. he was my group leader in camp. a good listener and considerate. a very tolerant person and he is very practical and modest. whenever I look at him, I feel like smiling cos he has a very unique look. he's very thin and tall. he has a very unique personality to boot with. all in all, an A person. hehe XDXD hope to meet him in the future; hmm. maybe we might be working together? haha

Acap: Ashraff Sanusi is his given name. What got me to notice him was the fact that I was one of the three names he could remember. lol. then, at camp morib - the first night when we went for the mud walk, through the paya bakau slumps, acap helped me a lot~! lol.never have I felt that useless in an outdoor activity. anyway, let's focus on acap here. haha. he's a very nice person, witty as well as fun and cheerful~! ppl around him would be bright w his presence. I feel comfortable too. he's cool and playful as well. owh yes, not to forget, he's loud n noisy. hehe. in a good way of course. for this, he's an A+ person to me. lol. I think i've taken a liking to him. hahaha XDXD

Azraf: he's gonna be my uni mate pretty soon. he's very playful and childish, loud and talkative too. outgoing plus cheerful. but then, I heard, in uni, he's not like that at all. he's a completely different person when he's aorund ppl whom he isn't comfortable being with. well, that's what I heard anyway. not sure how true it is. I shall see for myself. he's unique too. haha. he's an A person. he might be of great help tome in the future.hehe *evil grin*

Farah: a very strong girl with a strong heart. she's tough and different from many girls. she loves to travel and she safes a lot. but it all goes to her travelling. lol. she's also a very interesting person w her own unique personality to couple with. I'm sure she'll succeed in all her endeavours. hehe. an A person. ill see ya in McGill too dear~! ;)

Dolah: abdullah zubair. he was my teammate. lol. he's funny. he listens well and he contributes great ideas as well. he is also a nice person who helps others who are in need. he also has a strong fighting spirit especially when he tries his best to win something for the team~! ;) An A guy~! ;D

Fitri: a very nice guy. also my sister's batchmate when they were in Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka. he helped me out with bowling. he's awesome at it n seeing me who is really terrible at it, he kindly offers to teach me how to bowl. lol. and it worked~! my second game was wayyy awesome than the first. lol. i'm also honoured to receive a card from him at the end of the camp. hehe. thanks fitri~! grade: A ;D

and the list goes on....

Here are some camp pics --

There are more on facebook. It's quite rare for me to post pictures on fb but I decided to put it up this time cos a few of my camp mates would like to grab the photos since they don't have it. So, do feel free to get them from my page. user name: -------

All in all, this is one of the best camp I've attended; it's mostly due to the people involved. The facilitators were great too! they were fun and cool. abang --- and abang ---. lol. i enjoyed their company. I am definitely looking forward to the reorientation camp in two years time with my juniors. hopefully, they are a bunch of cool peeps too. lol XDXD



naili said...

lilian...this is so sweet,ok!make me wanna cry (but najib is here,so need to stay matcho la.hehe)
Anyway, thanx loads dear..You are sriously one of a kind..My hubby pun impressed dengn u.
Hope this friendship will last 4eva too..Do come visit us in Soton.Ajakla hanem and jundi tu.
Take care sayang!mmuah

Liana said...

=) ana hope our friendship will last forever too.iAllah.. =)